1. With the introduction of E-invoicing (Goods and Service Tax) - for any B2B, export sales, notified companies need to generate IRN and signed QR code from NIC portal

  2. Any invoice with unsigned QR code will be treated as invalid

  3. Hence, verification of vendor invoice becomes very crucial

Problem Statement

  1. Huge input tax credit is at risk in case vendor has wrongly generated / shared unsigned QR code

  2. Enormous manual efforts if someone has to scan each and every invoice manually using NIC app

  3. Parameters of QR code (e.g. IRN) needs to be reverse integrated in ERP, however NIC app doesn’t provide excel output

  4. No audit trail on QR code verification by user

  5. NIC app categorizes QR code generated in UAT environment also as “success”

Our Solution

  1. End to end automated tool with minimal manual efforts to manage exceptions

  2. Multiple invoices can be processed in single run

  3. Tool helps to locate & decode QR code from invoices and verifies the signature using NIC public key

  4. Provides the report in excel with hyperlink to invoices for audit trail purpose

  5. Success report with QR code parameters - for reverse integration in ERP

  6. Failure report – for review & raising issue with the vendor

  7. Helps to identify QR code generated in UAT environment Helps in tax finance automation


Key Consideration

  1. Invoice needs to be in PDF format, each PDF should contain only 1 invoice

  2. Minimum  resolution of  200 DPI for scanned invoice

QR code verification on vendor invoices