EXIM automation

The acronym of Bill of Entry is BOE which is a document that is legally that is acceptable in the eyes of law. BOE is filed by exporters or importers on or before the arrival of the shipment of the imported goods. BOE plays a major role in the clearance of the shipment as it has to be submitted to the Customs department. BOE shall be raised for both household consumption goods and bond clearance.

Shipping bill is a type of bill which has to be mandatorily furnished by the exporter to get customs clearance. It shall be noted a person needs shipping bill to load the goods so it is important for the exporter to furnish the same. There are 3 ways through which one can export goods and they are:

  1. Land

  2. Sea

  3. Air

Driving efficiency in EXIM is clearly an opportunity for cost savings, but digital transformation in this space has been tough, as EXIM operations and technology have multiple points of friction and inherent complexity. 

Our automation tool uses optical character recognition, intelligent character recognition, and optical mark recognition to find important data on your Bill of entry and Shipping bill. Our capture technologies can locate data – which allows you to process documents automatically.